Aquacare For Hip and Back Pain

I was skeptical of going into a facility with all the COVID concerns, but Aquacare is very up to date with the necessary precautions. I’d been having severe hip joint and back pain with sciatic nerve pain running down the leg since October last year. In my history I have Scoliosis (curvature of the spine) arthritis in my lower disc. Conner reviewed my situation and began with a rotational leg exercise that, within a few visits, began to subside my pain and discomfort. Following those visits, Conner, Mark and Bryan added additional back, leg and core strengthening treatments that greatly improved my pain and posture. I’ll never pain free, but Aquacare did a great job in returning me to better than normal, (for a 70 year old fella). I have also used Aquacare for an earlier back vertigo problem, both with great results. Will use them again, if need be, in the future.