Megan Griffin

megan griffin


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I believe that physical therapy can be a valuable means of improving patient's safety, independence and functional ability, allowing for improved quality of life. I strive to know what my patients are motivated by and respond to, tailoring my programs to individual needs for maximum outcomes. I am interested in working with patients with chronic conditions such as lymphedema, neurological disorders, balance deficits and those in treatment and/or recovering from cancer. Here at Aquacare I look forward to broadening my scope of practice to include pelvic floor therapy for both men and women.

My undergraduate education is from University of North Carolina Asheville and I received my Master's degree in Physical Therapy from Western Carolina University in 2012. Since that time I have worked in inpatient, outpatient and skilled nursing settings. I am a Certified Lymphedema Therapist allowing me to effectively work with patients that have chronic swelling which can stem from a variety of causes, including congenital and inherited dysfunction, surgeries, trauma, and inactivity. Lymphedema therapy includes in specialized manual therapy, compression bandaging, use of specialized garments, and skin care, to reduce swelling and improve patient's skin health.

I have also been trained in LSVT BIG™ therapy for treatment of patients with Parkinson Disease and other neurological diseases. This highly effective treatment uses large-scale movements to retrain motor patterns allowing for improved walking, balance and ability to perform daily activities.

I have also had experience guest lecturing on Parkinson Disease at Western Carolina University, facilitating Parkinson Disease support groups and developing group exercise programs to allow patients long term benefits upon discharge from therapy. I have been a member of the Tumor Board and Falls Safety Committee for Haywood Regional Medical Center.

My vision is to work in collaboration with my team here at Fitness Forum, as well as, my patients and their families to improve their physical health, through exercise, education and behavioral change allowing for improved participation in their daily activities at home and in their communities.