Maureen E Gordon, PT, MSPT, CEAS

Gordon Maureen


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Maureen Gordon has accumulated over 25 years of experience as a physical therapist. Maureen uses her extensive training, hands-on skills, and clinical experience to evaluate and treat patients in an empathetic and supportive environment. Utilizing evidence-based research and techniques, she works with each patient to assist them in returning to their maximal level of function. Maureen educates patients on the condition for which they are seeking treatment and teaches them how to improve and manage their condition. She works closely with other clinical team members to create an experience that aims to restore independence and help patients reach their goals. Her specialties include vestibular, headache, and concussion rehabilitation. Maureen graduated in 1996 from Thomas Jefferson University in Pennsylvania with a Bachelor's and Master of Science in Physical Therapy. She worked in outpatient orthopedics after graduation before focusing on treating people with concussions, vestibular, balance, and headache disorders. She was the facility director of a Balance and Headache Center, focused exclusively on treating these specialty patients. Maureen received her Certification in Vestibular Rehabilitation and also her Certification in Cervicogenic Dizziness (2013) from Emory University and the American Physical Therapy Association. She was the lead vestibular therapist and a team member at St. Luke's University Hospital and Health Network in Bethlehem, PA to establish vestibular competency training for other network physical therapists (PTs). In this capacity, she trained and tested PTs in the evaluation and treatment of patients with concussions. Maureen has been a clinical instructor to high school, PTA, and PT students since 1997. She has provided many community lectures, taught professional continuing education courses, and guest lectured at East Stroudsburg University (East Stroudsburg, PA). Since moving to Maryland in 2015, Maureen has continued to specialize in the treatment of patients with concussions, vertigo, dizziness, imbalance, and headaches, expanding the programs and treatments available to the people on the Eastern Shore. Maureen’s vision…“Many people do not know that there is help with physical therapy for vertigo, vestibular conditions, headaches, or concussions. I am passionate about helping educate patients and others about how PT can improve their lives.