Khyati Dave


Staff Physical Therapist

[email protected]

4 Years Experience Philosophy of Care:
  • Each human being is uniquely organized and functioning combination of body, mind, and spirit. I believe that health is a state of complete physical, emotional, and psychological well-being. I believe that each individual is responsible for his or her own life and possesses the power to achieve an optimum state of health and empowering individuals to achieve this optimum state of health is the core purpose of health professionals.
  • Physical therapy is a profession dedicated to service, to people and society, and physical therapists music practice in an artful, competent, compassionate, caring, legal and ethical manner. As a Physical Therapist I believe that a therapist must practice mindful of the art and science of the profession. Physical therapists must have commitments to lifelong learning and to search for the evidence that supports and advances practice. Critical thinking, problem solving, intellectual perseverance and courage are all essential characteristics of the successful physical therapist.
  • Physical therapists diagnose movement dysfunctions based on skillful examination and evaluation regardless of the cause or etiology and provide skilled therapeutic intervention to foster improvement in physical functioning and maximizing overall quality of life.
Training: Shri B.G. Patel College of Physical Therapy, S.P. University BPT, Physical Therapy (2005-2010); University of Montana, Non-Degree seeking program in Professionalism, Clinical Decision Making Vision:
  • Physical therapist's role also includes that of case manager, teacher, researcher, and consultant. I worked as licensed Physical Therapist in the state of New York and Pennsylvania in numerous different settings. I want to push my patients to be as healthy as they can be. Working as a physical therapist, I want to lead by example and inspire my patients to recover the strength and wellness they have lost. Physical therapy is a personal profession in which patients reply, both mentally and sometimes physically, on their therapist and must follow their therapist's directions in order to effectively recover. Working as Physical Therapist, providing me the soulful satisfaction that I was seeking as a high school graduate and by completing my doctorate degree via TdPT course of Arcadia University, I want to satisfy my hunger for knowledge in the area of Physical Therapy. It will help me to improve the high degree of professionalism and I possess the requisite knowledge, skills, and behaviors to practice physical therapy in a truly scientific manner