Jessica Haaf

Jessica Haaf salisbury physical therapist


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3 Months Experience Philosophy of Care and Areas of Interest: During my experiences in the clinic, the most common problem I see in patients is lack of body awareness and poor movement mechanics, whether from their job, posture, or habits, that increases their pain and symptoms. My philosophy of care revolves around getting people to move again and participate in their lives to the fullest. My areas of interest include return to work rehabilitation, sports rehabilitation, and geriatrics. Training: I attended Cumberland County College in New Jersey for my Associate's Degree followed by going to Salisbury University in MD for my bachelor's degree. I completed my graduate courses at UMES in MD for my Doctorate of Physical Therapy in September 2016. I will be attending continuing education courses for a Functional Capacity Evaluations certification and want to become a clinical instructor in the near future when I have more clinic experience. Vision: My vision is to educate people about the importance of taking charge of their personal health to the point where they are able to independently manage their symptoms with as little medical intervention as possible.