We Are Restoring Normal Patient Visits Following All Physical Distancing Guidelines

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May 20, 2020

Posted by Cara Konlian CEO

Aquacare/Fitness Forum Physical Therapy is ramping back up, and ready to help you get back to being healthy and active!

We have been open with limited availability for patient visits since the Covid19 pandemic started. Now that the curve is flattening, we are increasing our capacity, while still utilizing physical distancing measures.

We understand that there are negative consequences to sheltering in place, such as not getting treatment for your pain, dealing with limited mobility issues, and being unable to exercise or rehab with limited direction or equipment on your own.

We have always thought of you as essential, and now it’s official! If you have been thinking about dealing with your low back pain, your frozen shoulder that is keeping you awake, or your stiff and painful knee, we are ready for you. If you had a baby, and you have been concerned about returning to exercise, we are here for you.

We are an essential business. We keep people healthy, out of pain, functional, and out of emergency departments! If you need us, please consider yourself essential if:

  •  You have a problem that is not getting better, getting worse, or causing you pain or limited mobility that is negatively impacting your life, OR
  • You have a new problem in your muscles, bones, joints, or balance; you are concerned about it; and you do not want to go where sick people may congregate, such as your physician’s office, urgent care, or ED. We can evaluate and treat you, or refer you to the right person, OR
  • You do not feel telehealth can adequately address your issues, concerns, questions, OR
  • You feel you simply need to come in for an evaluation, advice, hands on care, or an update to your exercise program in order to improve.

We are taking precautions as advised by the CDC and our Governor and local health department.

  • Incoming patients are asked a set of questions prior to scheduling and upon arrival, to screen for illness or close exposure to Covid19
  • Temperatures are taken for all staff and patients upon entering the clinic. Anyone with a temperature > 99.9 will be asked to go home
  • There is no congregating in the waiting room, we are physically distancing all patients by 6’ or more, and ask those attending with a patient to wait outside
  • Thoroughly cleaning of all surfaces after patient contact and frequently touched areas
  • Staff and patients must wear masks unless there is a critical reason to not do so. We ask patients to please bring their own masks unless not feasible
  • Frequent hand washing by staff is employed, and patients are asked to wash their hands or use hand sanitizer upon entering and leaving the clinic

We want you to feel you can seek the care you need and feel safe doing it. We are also able to see you via telehealth. This has been highly successful and a pleasant surprise for many of our patients, who have felt so helped while being in their own homes.

We look forward to seeing you again!!

Cara Konlian CEO