Physical therapy can help during brain injury recovery

TBI patient at the clinic

March 28, 2023

By Brooke Mihalek
Cape Gazette

Caption: Working with patient Joey Ferrell, right, in an Aquacare clinical setting are physical therapist Jessica Wood, DPT, and Charles Repsher, a physical therapist assistant student.

Traumatic brain injuries affect millions of people each year, with a vast majority of them being young adults or children.

A TBI can completely change a life, potentially causing debilitating lifelong physical, cognitive and behavioral changes.

The Brain Injury Association of America works to share information during Brain Injury Awareness Month each March. This year, advocates are focusing on spreading awareness about what a brain injury is and how it can change people, through the #MoreThanMyBrainInjury campaign.

Efforts will also focus on raising awareness of concussions, another type of brain injury, through the #ConcussionAwarenessNow campaign.

Advocates will work to raise awareness of how these are more than just injuries; they can be lifelong illnesses.