Pam Kline, PTA, to retire after 9 years with Aquacare

Pam Kline

March 22, 2023

Pam Kline, PTA, has been seeing patients at Aquacare – King Street Row where she specializes in manual therapy, pelvic floor, and LSVT Big for Parkinson’s patients. After nine years with the company, Pam will retire March 31.

“My passion is my Parkinson’s patients. My mom had Parkinson’s and that is why I decided to do the LSVT training,” said Pam, who has been working with Parkinson’s patients for the past six years. “We see tremendous improvements in our patients going through the program.”

Pam spent most of her adult life living in the Poconos. In 2011, she and her husband were sick of shoveling snow and decided to retire to Delaware where two of their four children live.

After working at Atlantic Shores, an inpatient facility in Millsboro for a couple years, she wanted to transition back to outpatient physical therapy and found Aquacare.

“I really like that the owners are also physical therapists. They make sure we have enough time with our patients to do our job. It is vital to have that time,” Pam said. “Our leaders see you as a person and they support you. Even with me leaving they are very supportive of me and my new venture.”

While Pam is retiring from Aquacare this month, she will still be working. Pam is opening Fit 2 U, a home-based fitness program where she will work with patients in Lewes and Rehoboth Beach to help them continue to improve their strength.

“Sometimes people leave physical therapy and stop doing any exercises, so then they boomerang back,” she said. “I am hoping to work with them and help create a home fitness program so they continue to stay in shape.”

Pam has worked as a physical therapist assistant for more than 22 years and is passionate about physical fitness. “I hope to help people get more fit and buy into a more active lifestyle,” she said.

Since joining Aquacare nine years ago, Pam has continued learning new techniques for manual therapy, mobilization of the cervical, thoracic spine, and ribs, as well as hands-on aquatic techniques from Aquatic Therapy University. She also completed continuing education in pelvic floor function and dysfunction and treatment of urinary incontinence. And, of course, completed the LSVT training for Parkinson’s patients.

“My goal is to help people understand their injury, avoid future injury, and value their physical health with a goal of aging successfully when they complete physical therapy,” Pam said.

When she thinks about her time at Aquacare, she will remember the incredible team and owners, and the many patients who found success here.

“One story I think about often is about a woman who was in a bad car accident. When she came in, she was in a wheelchair,” Pam said. “We started her in the pool at the Route 24 office and by the time she left us, she was walking with a walker. That was a special moment.”

Aquacare Lewes – King Street Row provides:

  • Advanced physical therapy care for orthopedic injuries or surgeries
  • Pelvic floor therapy for men and women
  • Balance and vestibular
  • Lymphedema management
  • Occupational therapy
  • LSVT Parkinson’s specialty therapy
  • Sports medicine/athletic training for young and seasoned athletes.
  • Evaluations can be scheduled within 24 hours if necessary.

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