New Graduate Mentorship

It is our goal that Aquacare Physical Therapy provides an environment for our clinicians that will achieve them to achieve long term professional and clinical success. It is our desire that our clinicians want to be part of Aquacare Physical Therapy for many years to come! All new graduate physical therapists will receive the following:

Mentor – All new graduates are provided with a personal mentor during their first 6 months of employment. Mentors are available to offer clinical and professional guidance through scheduled meetings and on an as-needed basis.

Scheduled Weekly/Biweekly Meetings – New graduate and mentors meet initially one time weekly for the first 8 weeks and then twice a month to assist them in developing their clinical reasoning and skills.

Opportunities For Specialization – At Aquacare Physical Therapy, are practices are built on providing specialized services to meet the needs of our community, such as aquatic therapy, balance/vestibular and women’s health. For those parties interested in pursuing specialty training, we provide for the mentoring and continuing education opportunities needed for this specialty programs.

Continuing Education – $1300 per year through a combination of in-house and off site clinical education courses. For those interested in lymphedema, full certification course will be covered at the Academy of Lymphatic Studies.