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The Center for The Injured Worker – Our Injured Worker Program was developed in response to the vast number of individuals who come to our office after sustaining work injuries. Work injures in the United States are estimated to cost 193 billion dollars annually. This program is designed to work alongside medical providers, businesses, insurance companies and injured workers in order to ensure an efficient and safe transition back into the work force. Reduced lost work days and costs are the result.

Services Offered

Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE’s):
A Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) provides a comprehensive systemic evaluation that will define the injured employee’s physical capabilities. The FCE is an important tool used to assist employers, physicians, insurance companies, attorneys, case managers and vocational consultants to determine safe, functional levels for an individual to return to work. We utilize the Matheson FCE Method.

Work Conditioning/Work Hardening:
Work Conditioning/ Work Hardening is a program designed to restore an injured workers functional and work capacities through the use of progressive work simulation. Components of this program include exercises and therapeutic modalities that promote strength, physical fitness, endurance, coordination, balance as well as reduce pain.

Industrial Rehabilitation for a Business:
Industrial Rehabilitation for a Business is comprised of services of which include on-site job analysis as well as ergonomic evaluations for an employee that will identify physical demands and potential risk factors associated with a specific job description or work space. This will help the employer make appropriate decisions regarding job matching for prospective employees.

Aquatic Physical Therapy:
Aquatics allows for earlier intervention. Injured workers can start moving immediately within days of injury or surgery with little or no risk of reinjury. Aquatics is an aggressive, proactive approach to rehabilitation. Incorporating aquatic therapy into an injured worker’s rehabilitation can improve functional outcomes while limiting the cost of recovery. By shortening the rehabilitation process, we can reduce costs and return patients back to work in a more rapid manner.

Pre-Employment Screenings:
Pre-Employment Screenings are evaluations performed on behalf of the employer in order to provide the employer with information regarding potential risk factors a prospective employee may have when matching specific job descriptions.

Benefits of Our Program

  • Safe and effective return to work process Reduce costs to both the employee and employer
  • Employee education regarding self management strategies and preventative maintenance
  • Open communication between all members of the medical team including nurse case managers and doctors as well as employers
  • Employer consultation to provide recommendations regarding safe and efficient work site design and job task requirements

Meet Our Team of Occupational Rehabilitation Therapists

Our physical therapy team will provide treatment for acute injuries, work conditioning, work hardening, aquatic therapy, capacity evaluations (FCEs) and ergonomic education/job site evaluations. Our therapists will work closely with the team of case managers, physicians and employers and will individually customize treatments according to your job description.

Juanita Milbourne MPT
Upper Extremity/Hand Specialist/Splint Fabrication

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