Excellens Physical Therapy (Land Based Division of Aquacare) Reviews

Stars: Six out of Five

5 / 5

My experiences have been with Lymphatic Massage and LSVT. This is my second time taking LSVT. First experience was elsewhere. There is no doubt that this is the right place for me. The therapists are caring, professional, and treat each client with dignity. They exemplify excellence on many levels. The Lymphatic massage by Jillian is a great help after my surgery. All of the staff is professional, well trained and caring. They constantly clean after each client, before the next one begins. I have high expectations and this place is a gem.


5 / 5

Salvatore Mancino provided excellent care. I needed a therapist who was "McKenzie" trained and I greatly appreciate his expertise, caring and always positive attitude!

Excellent Experience At Lewes- Aquacare

5 / 5

I have been to Aquacare/Excellens at this location for multiple reasons and have always found the therapists to be outstanding. My goals have been met to the best of their (and my) ability. It is a very careful and caring environment. Throughout the COVID restrictions, attention was paid to the health and safety of the staff and clients. I enjoy being in the company of all of the staff because they are friendly and welcoming. I am in an ongoing session and feel when I have met the current goals, I can always return for a reevaluation or additional treatment if needed. It's nice to know I have this wonderful therapy provider in my neighborhood.

Top notch orginazion

5 / 5

This group of therapists and support staff are first rate! They are true professionals at every level.

From Acute to No Pain

5 / 5

My first visit with Aquacare was for acute lower back pain. It practically disappeared after my first treatment. The therapists were very knowledgeable and skillful. After pain developed in my right hip, attention focused on that problem. I am now at a point of maintenance with a series of at home exercises. The highest marks go to Megan and Pam for their great work. Thanks for everything!

Does not get any better.

5 / 5

There aren't any words,truly, to describe just how incredible this group is. I've had 3 back surgeries over 12 years,as well as neck problems. I've been to at least 5 different physical therapy offices,and the staff and programs at this particular location are LIGHT YEARS ahead of the other companies I have gone to previously. A gentleman named Sal runs this location, and l honestly don't think they could have a better PT heading this group. I've had the pleasure of getting worked on by all of the staff there,and they each bring their own individual spin on things, which culminates into a truly miraculous outcome. Icing on the cake, is how friendly, funny, and understanding the entire staff is. It's always clean and safe, and they make sure you're comfortable. I don't usually leave reviews on places, but this PT office deserves the recognition. They've been an integral part of getting my life back.

The Best Pelvic Floor Therapy

5 / 5

Katie is amazing! She has helped me through a very difficult time. Her experience in pelvic floor is unmatched and her compassion is remarkable. I am grateful.

Thank you so much!!!!

5 / 5

A Special thank you to Sal Pam for all their support during my many months of PT. The staff at this facility is excellent and I can’t say enough for all the kindness, care and concern. Thanks again for all you do!!!

Love Physical Therapy At Lewes Delaware

5 / 5

Wonderful staff! I received great therapy and am on my way to my goal. I have recommended to many of my friends.

Phenomenal Results

5 / 5

I have been going regularly for physical therapy to Aquacare Excellens Physical Therapy in Lewes for a couple of months and the results to my back and knee have been phenomenal. When I initially began therapy, I was barely able to walk properly and now I am standing, walking much better, have more mobility, and am able to perform my job better, sleep better, and just feel better. The entire staff is very friendly, helpful and accommodating, however, I just cannot say enough about Sal (Salvatore Mancino). I am extremely happy with Sal, with his attention to detail, his compassion, and his determination in working toward total mobility. He always explained things in an easy to understand manner and communicated well. I find that the pain and discomfort in my back is so much more manageable now and the overall results I have ultimately gotten from PT went way above and beyond any of my initial expectations.

Physical Therapy in Lewes Delaware

5 / 5

Extremely pleased with Excellens Physical Therapy of Aquacare. The staff is very intent on listening and developing the program based on individual's needs. They are very kind, encouraging and knowledgeable. The facility is the not so large that you feel like it's a PT factory, but rather it is just the right size to make you feel you are getting the attention and information that you need to make good progress. I would highly recommend Excellens Physical Therapy of Aquacare.


5 / 5

Excellent choice for your physical therapy, make this your first choice for getting to wellness again, highly recommend


5 / 5

My review is for Evie. She is wonderful. Very detailed, caring etc. Explains everything. Very gentle. I would highly recommend her and as a matter of fact I’m going to let a neighbor of mine know about her. Thank you.

Staff is Great!

5 / 5

The staff is great! They work with you considering your needs.

Best on the Shore

5 / 5

I originally chose Aquacare because it was the only facility I found on this side of the Chesapeake Bay that both had someone that used the Mackenzie method and accepted my insurance. My Physiatrist at John Hopkins had recommended that as the best way to treat my bulging disk. I am so glad that I chose Aquacare! They are very professional, as well as being very knowledgeable and caring. I really appreciate their use of aquatic therapy and their attentive, hands-on approach to physical therapy. If I ever need physical therapy again in the future, Aquacare will be my first choice.

Crew at Lewes East

5 / 5

Trevor, Mandy and crew at the shop are terrific. Brad runs an efficient operation. Customer service is optimum. Everyone treated with respect. Special shout out to Trevor Hirsch for the extra time he spent presenting a little golf exercise/stretch clinic in Millsboro March 6, 2018. It was terrific!!

Excellent Care Wonderful People

5 / 5

I recommend everyone if you would ever need to have physical therapy to come to Aquacare. Everyone is very professional you greeted from the moment you step in the door. I have had land and pool therapy. When I first went in I couldn't play with my children because of my knee. With the staff's patients, time, and help I am now able to do so. To all the staff I want you guys to know that I am very very very grateful for everything.

The Best!

5 / 5

Have been here three different times. Wouldn't go anywhere else! Excellent staff, appointments are always on time, very clean. I have and will continue to recommend AquaCare Care Physical Therapy to my friends and family. Great job everyone! Thanks for being so nice!!