John Hollis: Aquacare brought me back not once, but twice

John Hollis with Robert Donati and Tracy Phillips of Aquacare - Seaford and wife, Linda.


John Hollis of Seaford first came to Aquacare – Seaford about six years ago because he was having pain in his knee. He started doing aquatic therapy, but his rehabilitation was interrupted when he had a stroke.

While in the hospital, John had another stroke. After he was able to leave the hospital, he did inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation. About a year ago, he was referred back to Aquacare to continue his rehab for the remaining issues with his knee and new mobility issues due to the stroke.

“I had over 60 therapists in various inpatient and outpatient therapy sessions, but my neurologist referred me back to Aquacare,” John said. “From those experiences, I can say unequivocally that Aquacare has the most effective method of therapy. The one-on-one care you get from a highly trained therapist at Aquacare exceeds those other 60 experiences with therapy.”

There are many approaches to therapy, but John found the most improvements during his time at Aquacare.

“It’s not only the outstanding encouragement and attitude of the Aquacare therapists, but it is the whole philosophy of the organization,” he said. “It has enabled me to have outstanding success in the pool.”

John has been working with Robert Donati, PT, CLT, and the team in Seaford. He has pool sessions at the Boys & Girls Club, which John was also instrumental in getting built! He worked with the board several years ago and brought in a new donor who helped fund the construction of the pool he is now finding physical therapy success in.

On non-pool days, John works out with the team at the Aquacare – Seaford gym. He has worked closely with both Donati and Tracy Phillips, PTA, to improve his strength and mobility.

“Physical therapy is essential for people who have had a stroke,” Donati said. “Through the exercises, he has regained motor function, reduced pain, and improved his balance.”

Physical therapy exercises focus on improving posture, flexibility, endurance, and strength.

“One of the big differences here at Aquacare is that we work with the patient and provide that one-on-one care,” Phillips said. “Our patients come back because we have built a personal relationship with them and we get them back to enjoying life.”

John’s wife, Linda, says she has seen not only physical improvements in John, but also emotional improvements following sessions at Aquacare. “He is doing really well and is happier because he feels better,” she said.

At a recent appointment, John thanked the team for their dedication to helping him improve his health over his two “tours” at Aquacare.

“Aquacare – Seaford has utterly fantastic therapists. They go into the relationship with a great sense of curiosity – how you are feeling, how you are doing – but they also bring empathy,” he said. “I have just had a magnificent experience with the Seaford team.”

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