Back to playing soccer thanks to Aquacare Physical Therapy 

Ava McCarron

At 16, most of Ava McCarron’s days consist of school, friends, working at her parent’s ice cream shop, and sports.

During her freshman year, Ava injured her ankle while playing soccer. While it wasn’t a break or fracture, several tendons were over-stretched and injured.

“She was in a boot for several weeks to help her heal, but her ankle didn’t get any better,” says Ava’s mom, Shelly McCarron of Bridgeville. “They then decided to put her in a cast for several weeks. After that, her ankle was better, but still just tolerable.”

Ava went all summer last year without issues during summer sports. However, when fall started, she joined the cross-country team as a sophomore and the ankle started acting up again.

“She and I both agreed, we did not want to go back to the boot or worse, a cast,” Shelly says. “We talked to our doctor and heard about Aquacare.”

Ava and Shelly met with the Aquacare – Seaford team, including Tracy Phillips, PTA, clinical director, and Robert Donati, PT, CLT. Together they came up with a plan that would help Ava strengthen her ankle, prevent future injury, and allow her to run and get ready for spring soccer.

Ava drove herself to each physical therapy session during the beginning of her sophomore year and started to see great improvements.

“I remember after only a few weeks, she was smiling again and she was really enjoying her sport, instead of just tolerating the pain,” Shelly said. “It took fewer weeks than we expected, and she was completely ready for spring sports.”

This summer, Ava was happily running on the fields at Sandhill with her summer soccer team.

“The main thing I noticed was she stopped complaining about her ankle,” says Shelly. “She had been fighting through the pain and it was hard for her to bear it.”

“We have noticed such a difference and wish we knew how physical therapy could help sooner,” Shelly said.

Entering her junior year at Delmarva Christian this fall, Ava feels ready for sports and knows that if she needs them, the Aquacare – Seaford team has her back … and ankle.

Ava admits she doesn’t love running, but she loves cross country and soccer. Off the fields, she rides horses at Horse Power Show Hunters in Greenwood and races cars. She is also a firefighter in Bridgeville and is a past class president.

“She’s a good kid. She works hard, so it was tough to see her in pain and not fully enjoying herself,” Shelly says.

“Coming to Aquacare was a fantastic experience. It kept Ava out of a cast and she hasn’t had any issues with her ankle since completing physical therapy,” Shelly said. “We are so happy we chose physical therapy with Aquacare.”

Aquacare – Seaford provides:

  • Advanced physical therapy care for orthopedic injuries or surgeries
  • Gym-based and aquatic therapy (at Boys & Girls Club pool)
  • Back and spine therapy
  • Diabetes management
  • Pelvic floor therapy
  • Balance and vestibular therapy
  • Lymphedema management
  • Pregnancy and postpartum specialty program
  • Sports medicine/athletic training for young and seasoned athletes.

Evaluations can be scheduled within 24 hours if necessary.

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