Sports Medicine Physical Therapy Can Prevent Injuries

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Calling all athletes, from recreational to the ultra-competitive.

Starting a new sport or a new season is a prime time for sports injuries. Don’t go through all the work of training just to be sidelined by an injury. Often, athletes have been training for days, months and even for years to compete, to excel and to be the best at their craft. Loss of an athletic season due to an injury may seem a bit trivial compared to someone who has lost their job or is dealing with illness, however for athletes of all ages, being benched can lead to a host of other issues, including weight gain, loss of muscle mass, and even depression.

Preventing Injuries

I have lost the end of a season more than once and it is a tough pill to swallow. Blood, sweat, tears, lots of hard work and dedication and then suddenly the rug gets pulled out from under your feet. The ability to see the fruits of your labor has disappeared. It is a horrible feeling!

One of my biggest tips is to work hard to prevent an injury. If you are sitting here with a current injury, talk of prevention may seem ridiculous, however even after you recuperate, you will want to take steps to prevent future injuries.

Stretching, muscle training, stability practice, and core strength can all mean less risk of an injury. Learn more about core strength and stability here.

Often we injure ourselves because we go out too strong without stretching or strength training. You may be the fastest one on the team and think you don’t need to worry about strength training, however to keep those muscles at their peak performance, you need to strengthen all the muscles around them, especially your core.

Stretching is also essential before you engage in any activity! Be sure to spend upwards of 10 minutes stretching all the muscle groups.

Stay Focused

Staying focused, the ability to adjust and getting up when you are knocked down are all characteristics of a true athlete. If you are facing an injury, it is time to adapt to the adversity and switch your focus.

A great athlete is always looking for ways to gain that edge on his or her competition.

Athletes Can Have Access To Telehealth

In recent years athletic seasons have become relentless. Athletes are playing on multiple teams during the same season and some are playing multiple sports.

Add in schoolwork, homework and other daily responsibilities and adequate rest becomes limited with the risk of injury becoming much greater. In the heat of a busy season along with all these other responsibilities taking care of your overloaded body moves to the back burner.

Physical therapy both in person at one of our locations or through telehealth is a great way our dedicated physical therapists and sports medicine experts can give you the guidance you need to correct some of the issues that may be hindering you from performing at your highest potential.

Athletes and Physical Therapy

Seize this time! Regardless of your sport, whether you’re transitioning from middle school to high school, you’re a senior moving up to the next level or even a recreational athlete, let me and the amazing staff at Aquacare Physical Therapy help you with this often missing yet very important link to being the best you can be!

Therapists are available to evaluate your injury/complaints and set a plan to help meet your goals! Follow-up treatments are also performed to assess your progress and advance the treatment plan as needed.

Feel free to contact me at [email protected] to discuss any questions or concerns you may have regarding your injury. If you are interested in finding out more about how we can help or to set up your evaluation, email me or call 410-770-9720.

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Jeffrey M. Bonnette, ATC/L, PTA, PES

Physical Therapist Assistant at Aquacare Physical Therapy

Owner of F.I.T. Performance

Head Athletic Trainer at Saints Peter and Paul High School

National Academy of Sports Medicine Performance Enhancement Specialist

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