Annapolis, MD Reviews

Departing with great regret!

5 / 5

Dear Leigh:
--and I am departing with great regret! I have spent many months with your group, all of whom I have grown to like and appreciate. What a tribe, knowledgeable and efficient, pleasant, fun, firm!, friendlyand wonderfully fit, a model to us all.   I will miss themand you in particular, who sets the tone for the whole enterprise.  I will be remembering your kindness and persuasiveness as I face You Tube's relentless urgings-- not much of a substitute for Leigh Hobson.
With many thanks to one and all.
Nancy Zimmerman

Physical Therapist Extraordinaires!!!

5 / 5

These therapists are absolutely the best in the business. The teamwork/camaraderie is awesome. They are definite "Muscle Whisperers"🤗!! You don't even have to tell them really where the discomfort is...THEY SEEM TO KNOW 😯!! Seriously a doctor recommended a hip replacement but I thought I was too young for that.....they will have you walking out feeling like a new person. I have only had the pleasure of Vince, Lisa, and Karen...AMAZING AT WHAT THEY DO!! Thank you all so much.

Fitness Forum wonderful

5 / 5

Everyone is wonderful to work with

Helped my back and knee pain

5 / 5

I went for lower back pain and a sprained knee, a total of about 12 weeks. The staff are fun and friendly everyone has their own flavor and style of therapy, so you'll be sure to meet someone you connect with. Leigh was my main provider and she took fantastic care of me. We also did a few video sessions because I couldn't make it in, and I still found it very helpful. The next time I need PT I will for sure go to Fitness Forum in Annapolis. -Joseph Angelo.

Fitness Forum

5 / 5

Thanks Vincent and all the wonderful people at Fitness Forum.

Great Care for Mom

5 / 5

Therapists were very patient thorough with my mom's assessment. I am grateful for the time and attention given to my mom; only pray for continued services.

Review of Aqua Fitness Forum

5 / 5

I have been a patient at Aquacare's Fitness Forum since July 2022. I can’t say enough about the physical therapists, technicians, assistants, and personnel at the front desk. Several physical therapists have treated me both at the pool, and at the clinic, including Karen, Leigh, Vince, and two former physical therapists, Melissa and Michelle. All of them have been knowledgeable, attentive, caring, and outstanding in their field. They are treating me for osteoarthritis of my knee, and my treatment has been successful to the extent there are many days that I have no pain in my right knee. The technicians at the clinic have also assisted in the treatment of my knee and are very knowledgeable of the techniques required in the physical therapy treatment for my recovery. From the moment I walk in the front door of Fitness Forum I am greeted with a warm hello by Suzy and Ariana and have never had to wait more than a minute or two for my appointment. They or Christian also call the day before my appointment to remind me of my upcoming appointment. Access to a swimming pool to have my physica therapy is the reason I chose Fitness Forum. The physical therapists are trained in aquatic science and this type of therapy is in most cases painless. I highly recomtmend Fitness Forum, without hesitation.

Fitness Forum is totally awesome PT group!

5 / 5

My husband and I have been going to Fitness Forum for about 6 months now and really love all of the PT specialists. Everyone from the admin staff to the PT’s are very kind and accommodating to scheduling appts and meeting special needs. Best PT place we have ever used. Worth the 20 minute drive for us.

Parkinson’s Therapy

5 / 5

Thoughtful and patient treatment therapy for Parkinson's Disease. Staff are helpful and considerate. Leigh and Karen have been especially helpful.


5 / 5

I spent a lifetime taking sport playing children to PT and then needed it myself. My insurance sent me to Fitness Forum and my mind was blown. All those previous experiences were far exceeded by everyone on Kate Dolinar's team, to include the office staff and other PT's and their respective folks. My treatment time was maximized by state of the art techniques, my plan was thorough, comprehensive and diverse never allowing boredom to set in. But what additionally makes this place so great is that EVERYONE not only has a great attitude, but is genuinely friendly and warm such that it feels like one is doing PT with a family. Scheduling was another positive in that if one works or simply has numerous competing demands, they will accommodate your needs/schedule. They have a great system of reminders and are conveniently located so that any other errands or shopping are close by. They even provided a little gift at conclusion;-) Ahhhh, but the clincher, my knee is vastly improved! What they do rocks. Who they are is icing on the cake. Don't hesitate to trust your ailments in their competent hands.

Fitness Forum Review

5 / 5

Best PT people I have ever had! They stay with you and make sure you do it right! Always pleasant and caring and know what they are doing! I tell everyone to go to Fitness Forum.

Caring staff

5 / 5

Can’t say enough good things about this place … I could not get in anywhere after surgery for weeks . But Genevieve Good-Malloy made it happen and I’m so grateful to her and her staff or taking care of me every visit , with kind and sympathetic attitudes 🙂 I highly recommend them !

Resolving My Problems

/ 5

"Each session is created and adapted as it proceeds to fit my needs instead of following a general plan that everyone follows. I believe I have found the place that will finally resolve some long time physical dysfunctions."

Can Not Recommend Enough!

/ 5

I can't give them enough positives!!!! 2001 - I had a serious leg /ankle injury and because of it, over the years, I have had numerous surgeries, related to this injury. Hence, I have been to MANY PT offices with most being okay and some simply lost sight of the patients. 2018 - I found PT FORUM, Annapolis after having an Ankle Fusion, It was dramatically different from all the rest; Everyone in the office is WONDERFUL! 2022 – This spring I am back after a Hip Replacement. They listen to you. WOW! They are so professional, proficient and friendly. They will provide manual manipulation when needed (which I found most others not wanting to do). It's almost like you are visiting friends. I cannot highly recommend them enough. I have more surgeries coming up and I will be back – again and again! Yes, the place is small in comparison to some others, but this means nothing when the care you get is EXCEPTIONAL, because they CARE!

Excellent Results

5 / 5

The staff was amazing! Identified my issue and went right to work. Karen was especially great in providing me targeted treatment. The front office provided me a schedule which worked well for me and keep me notified about my appointments. It is a well run operation which resolved my issue faster than I could have imagined.

Brought me BACK!

5 / 5

The team at Fitness Forum is absolutely top notch - experts in their fields, experienced, professional, genial and miracle workers! I could barely walk due to severe back pain that radiated through my entire left side. I was pretty desperate because I work full-time and use a computer. Sitting, standing, even reclining were all extremely painful. Within 4 sessions - including aqua therapy - I was back to 80% functional. By 4 weeks I was at 100%! Pain still occurs but now I know what to do about it so that it doesn't get distracting, much less debilitating! And I continue getting better through movement training and monitoring with each visit at Fitness Forum. I thank my very lucky stars that my physician knew about this wonderful place!


5 / 5

My migraine is finally gone! 100% of the thanks goes to Gen Good-Malloy at Fitness Forum in Annapolis for the much needed dry needling and manual work she did today on my neck. If you’re battling chronic muscle pain and headaches you have to try dry needling. 3 days of pain, which couldn’t even be controlled with narcotics, gone just 2 hours after treatment.

Dry Needling

5 / 5

I have been seeing Lisa Zimmerman for dry needling for ongoing neck issues and headaches. She is wonderful and all the staff I have encountered during my appointments have been very friendly. The dry needling Lisa has done has been the best form of relief with my neck pain and headaches.

Dry Needling In Annapolis

5 / 5

Annapolis facility is excellent. Everyone on the staff was super friendly, smiling, engaging conversations from the time I’d walk in until the time I would walk out. I spent several weeks with Lisa Zimmerman dry needling and it fixed my neck/shoulder/arm injury. I had never done this before but was extremely impressed with the results. I would highly recommend this group and especially Lisa Zim!

Dry Needling

5 / 5

Lisa and the staff are extremely friendly and helpful. I have been to many other PT facilities in the area and have never received this type of treatment and care. I would highly recommend this facility and especially dry needling with Lisa as this has been the only treatment to truly give me relief from my whiplash and myofascial pain syndrome.

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum

5 / 5

YOU FIXED ME! Thank you to all, especially Tara Crowe. Keep singing.

Improvements from my diabetic neuropathy

/ 5

I sincerely want to thank and commend all the staff and therapists at Aquacare Physical Therapy- Fitness Forum of Maryland for the 24-plus sessions of therapy. I received. Thanks to their attention I am now much more comfortable. My chronic balance problems, muscle and back pains, neuropathy, and general lack of mobility are now either resolved or reduced and bearable. The introduction to Anodyne Therapy was great and I have purchased a personal Anodyne for home use for my continued diabetic neuropathy treatment. The therapists and the assistants were always attentive and helpful. They treated me as both a patient and a person. I am a combat related service connected, medically retired Army veteran. The treatment, concern, and care I received at Fitness Forum was superb and better than any I received in military and Veterans Administration facilities. Thank you so very, very much!


5 / 5

All of the therapists I interacted with were friendly and professional. My problem was treated effectively and in addition to my on site therapy, I was given a set of exercises to do on my own to maintain and enhance my progress. All in all, a positive experience.

Damaged in Mexico

5 / 5

I received excellent care and attention after injuring myself on vacation. Every member of the Fitness Forum-Annapolis team is knowledgable, caring, professional, and attentive. I was pleased with their flexibility in scheduling and their thorough care during my visits. They also provided exercises through which I could continue to build strength and flexibility. I would highly recommend Fitness Forum - Annapolis.

Amazing therapy

5 / 5

When I started with Fitness Forum I had severe constant stabbing pain in my arm. My therapist Carla Rivera was amazing. After several visits the pain had decreased. Now I am pain free and she has given me great at home exercises to maintain my comfort. Carla was concerned with my overall well being, not just my arm. She made me feel totally comfortable during the entire process. She is a true healer for the entire well-being of the patient. I highly recommend her!


5 / 5

The physical therapy at Fitness Forum - Annapolis is outstanding! I have received physical therapy here for my back, shoulder and for vertigo symptoms. The physical therapists Genevieve and Karen have been extraordinary! They have performed highly effective hands-on therapy with each visit and have given me wonderful exercises which have been extremely helpful in my healing! They have also been extremely warm and friendly! I have also been highly impressed with the expertise and effectiveness, as well as the warmth and friendliness, of all of the physical therapists, aides and front-desk staff. The aides have always been extremely attentive, helpful and friendly during each visit in assisting with my exercises. The front desk staff are all very warm and friendly, while being highly efficient and accommodating in scheduling. Overall, Fitness Forum - Annapolis provides extraordinary and extremely high quality physical therapy! It is the best physical therapy clinic in the area and the only clinic that I will go to for all of my physical therapy needs!

Outstanding Physical Therapy

5 / 5

Fitness Forum has been outstanding in significantly alleviating the pain in my shoulder and for eliminating many of my vestibular symptoms! Genevieve and Karen have both provided extraordinary and outstanding therapy to me! They have been very friendly and caring and have always provided extremely effective, friendly, one-on-one, hands-on care with every visit. In addition, all of the assistants who help with the exercises and the entire front desk staff are always extremely friendly and welcoming! Everyone at Fitness Forum always makes you feel extremely welcome and comfortable! I have been going to Fitness Forum for many years for various physical therapy needs and will continue going only to them in the future! In my opinion, they provide the best physical therapy in the surrounding area!

True Healers

5 / 5

Chris is the #1 go to for foot and ankle PT in the area. Exceptional knowledge and helped me with custom orthotics which greatly improve my ability to walk and run. Great customer focused group.


5 / 5

I started working with Jennifer and Karen 4 weeks ago.I started to see gradual improvement within the first week.I far exceeded what I ever could imagined and owe it to them.I would recommend Jennifer and Karen as they are true professionals and care about their patients.


5 / 5

The success achieved in my treatment was unexpectedly quick. I went from serious sleeping problems due to pain to restful, pain-free nights in just a few weeks. I can now return to my previous athletic activities. I have learned useful exercises as well as how to improve my posture in a way that relieves and prevents flair-ups. I also appreciate the reminder phone calls and the friendliness, professionalism and punctuality of the entire staff.

Excellent Care Wonderful People

5 / 5

I recommend everyone if you would ever need to have physical therapy to come to Aquacare. Everyone is very professional you greeted from the moment you step in the door. I have had land and pool therapy. When I first went in I couldn't play with my children because of my knee. With the staff's patients, time, and help I am now able to do so. To all the staff I want you guys to know that I am very very very grateful for everything.

Terrific Help!

5 / 5

The PT and support staff are incredibly professional and, generally, excellent. I certainly refer others to them!

Highly Recommend

5 / 5

I was a patient at your center for several months in 2016. I was referred by Dr. Michels. Karen and Lindsey identified the source of my pain and developed an appropriate plan of care. Our work together was productive and successful. Both physical therapists carefully explained the plan of care, communicated my progress, were encouraging and offered practical suggestions for follow-up at home. I highly recommend your practice.


5 / 5

This place is outstanding they have the best PT people you could find. They give great appointments, keep you informed, call reminders and the PT you receive is outstanding.