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Salisbury, MD (Milford Street)

Location Details

106 Milford St. STE 601
Salisbury, MD 21804
Phone: 410.548.7600
Fax: 410.548.2651
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Monday-Thursday • 7:30am-7:30pm
Friday • 7:30am-6:00pm
Saturday • 8:00am-12:00pm


Salisbury, MD (Milford Street)

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Salisbury, MD (Milford Street) 38.337367, -75.601510


Featuring 2 warm water pools, our Salisbury location opened it’s doors as the first Aquacare in 1998. There are many people in our community who remember the caring touch of physical therapists at Aquacare who through the years have helped them recover from injuries or may remember the warm soothing water of our therapy pools in allowing them to exercise despite their pain. This site offers a variety of community aquatic classes as well as gym and pool memberships.

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ARS’s Biggest Cheerleader

5 / 5

The staff at Milford Street ARS have created a friendly and positive atmosphere for their patients. It puts you at ease immediately and is truly and integral part of the healing process. I had skepticism about going through PT based on poor experiences relayed by friends and family with other rehab services. Three months later I am ARS's biggest cheerleader! The progress and mobility I have achieved after breaking my elbow is dramatic. Even my surgeon told me I may never be able to fully straighten my arm. I can't wait to show him that there is virtually no difference between my injured arm and non-injured arm. I have no doubt that my recovery is a direct result of the excellent therapy I received at ARS.

The professional care

5 / 5

The professional care of the the therapist was outstanding and I felt that the therapist where very professional. The therapy help me a lot. I still have some issues that need working on but it's getting better. Thank you Mr.Forrest Wright

Severe Spine and radicular pain

5 / 5

If one was setting up a new company to be a Center of Excellence then they should model their company goals, guiding principles, team standards of excellence and professional/technical standards to those being practiced and exceptionally achieved by by the Aquacare staff located at Milford Street, Salisbury MD. Tessa, Melanie and Jess have provided me with the most exceptional services to help ease my pain, improve my morale, and improve my structure. They are exceptional as is the reception staff. The teamwork of the staff is way beyond my exceptions. Thank You.

Back pain while pregnant and fibromyalgia

5 / 5

Working with the awesome staff in Salisbury has been a blessing. They have helped me to keep active and decrease my back pain while pregnant. I also have fibromyalgia and therapy helps me significantly reduce pain. Therapy has been wonderful!